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OneCare™ Managed IT Services

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Who We Are

Dataworks Consulting is a leading provider of technology services, IT consulting and support to small-medium businesses throughout the Seattle area. We create powerful IT solutions that are customized to meet the goals, needs and budget of every client. With personalized customer support and a team of seasoned, innovative experts, we offer comprehensive IT solutions that growing businesses need to stay ahead of the technology curve. We take the guesswork out of business technology so you can get back to doing business.

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Struggling to Hire an IT Department? Here’s How an MSP Can Help

One of the biggest challenges for any business is hiring the right talent. For an IT department, having the right people in place can mean the difference between fully supporting the organization's technology needs or falling short. For business owners, this presents a significant risk, both to their ability to grow by leveraging the power of technology or to protect [...]

Colonial Pipeline Attack: 3 Key Takeaways

In May, the Colonial Pipeline attack opened the eyes of business leaders and government officials across the United States to the significant and immediate risk ransomware posed to organizations around the world. For nearly a week, a ransomware attack on the pipeline, which provides around 45 percent of the gas and fuel to the East Coast of the United States, [...]

The State of Cybersecurity: What SMBs Should Know

From the largest enterprise to the smallest SMB, cyberattacks are targeting companies of every size and already proving to be one of the most significant risks facing businesses in 2021. This threat is particularly concerning for SMBs, who often do not have as many resources available to protect themselves as their larger enterprise peers. On top of that, the impact [...]


“The level of service from Dataworks has been stellar. I don’t have to worry about licensing or renewals,
they’re prompt and I know I can rely on them to be my eyes and ears about the latest technology and threats.

Chris Preach

Controller - Construction Company

“We’ve worked with Dataworks on multiple projects. I like that they’re familiar with our environment. Other IT
providers forget our infrastructure. It’s like starting all over every time. Dataworks is accessible and reliable.
When I send a request, they’re quick to reply. I know I can count on them to stay on top of licensing and get
the job done which makes my job so much easier.”

Brad Detrick

Network Administrator – First Sound Bank

“We have been working successfully with Dataworks for 10 years. Their consultants are consistently excellent
and keep us up and running 24/7. I very much appreciate their work in creating a careful timeline and budget
for our critical IT services.”

Susan Christofferson

Administrator – Pacific NW Fertility

“Dataworks takes the time to educate us and explain what’s going on with our technology. Rather than using
IT lingo, they help me own the concept and understand the decisions they’re recommending. Because of their
straightforward communication style, I get real answers, not a corporate answer. They are personal in their
approach – and have a wide range of expertise. Anytime I call, I speak to someone I know. I also love that I’m
not getting nickeled and dimed. Other IT vendors have charged every time I call, but with Dataworks I pay a
flat fee and don’t get charged extra when I need additional support.”

Patrick Irwin

Business Consultant

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