Security Awareness Training

October 15, 2020

What is Security Awareness Training?

Simply put, security awareness training is educating your workforce to better recognize and respond to cyber threats.  It can also branch out to include company policies and procedures, or even physical security topics.

As the threat landscape evolves, the need for security awareness training evolves too.  One-time security events or seminars are a great start, but the most effective approach is ongoing training that becomes part of your company culture and practice.

Why is Security Awareness Training Needed?

  • 93% of cyber security professionals agree that humans and technology need to work together to detect and respond to threats.
  • 70% of security related risks are reduced when businesses invest in security awareness training.
  • Even the least effective training programs have a seven-fold return on investment.

You and your employees are always connected.  Threats are always changing.  While there are certainly some great security tools that scale well for a small business, nothing will ever replace the minimization of the human variable.  A healthy amount of skepticism and concern from end users are excellent additions to your security portfolio. Additionally, SAT can breathe life and context into well written policy, turning concepts into reality.

How does it work?

The employee receives an email invitation to start their training by following a couple simple steps.  This launches an interactive training experience where the end user watches a series of short videos and answers a few questions with each module.  It’s that simple!

Dataworks can collaborate with managers to determine the most valuable topics for their team and even create a system of accountability to ensure that all employees complete their training.

Why Not?

Cyber breaches of small businesses increased over 400% last year.  In fact, 43% of all breaches attacked small businesses and, of those, 60% went out of business.  If your employees spend a small amount of time each month and it reduces your risk by 70%, it’s worth it!

Contact us today and we can set up a Security Awareness Training portfolio for your team.  

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