Recurring IT Issues You Shouldn’t Be Having

Having issues repeat in your IT environment is more than frustrating. It drains productivity, it costs you money and frustrates staff. And it shouldn’t be happening.

Do any of these 7 recurring issues sound familiar?

1. Can’t use line-of-business software. This happens when your IT provider doesn’t understand the issue or will not communicate with your software provider. Your IT partner should talk to your software manufacturer to resolve the issue.

2. Internet issues. Internet problems hinder employees and can prevent customers from reaching you. Often, IT providers do quick bandaid fixes instead of correcting the real problem, and these issues resurface again.

3. Printing issues. This is not going to bring the company to it’s knees, but it can be a sign of a bigger problem. Either your provider doesn’t undertand the root of the issue or isn’t dealing with the problem at all. Neither are good indications of a provider who has your back.

4. Files are corrupt. Files can become corrupt and it shouldn’t be a major issue because you should have backups (hopefully your provider has advised you of this). But if it’s happening repeatedly, it’s likely that the source of corruption is not being addressed – and that could be a major problem.

5. Backups failed. When files get corrupt, you get malware, or data is otherwise lost, your provider should easily restore that data if you have backups. We test our backups quarterly to ensure restoration, and this is not something that your provider should take lightly.

6. IT provider isn’t reliable. If you can’t get answers on the phone or they don’t show up when they say they will, or they don’t bring their “A” game every time, then that’s a recurring issue with your IT provider and not one you should have to put up with.

7. Malware keeps spreading. If you have malware, your IT provider should be able to swiftly handle the infection and protect you. If you keep getting malware or the same malware keeps spreading, that implies serious security gaps.

Any recurring issue is a sign of a bigger problem, and it needs to be addressed. The fix for these recurring issues? Bypass your IT provider and get a third party to do a full assessment of your environment. The assessment will help you determine where the problem lies – in your environment or in your IT provider – and what the best solution is. The assessment protects your investments and your company, allowing you to get back to work and put these recurring issues behind you.

Are you having recurring issues? Contact Dataworks at  (425) 687-6185  or online.


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