Enterprises, major corporations, small businesses, and even individual entrepreneurs in Redmond are making the switch because outsourcing can save you money — on high monthly costs, complexity, and time wasted managing your IT network, personnel, and resources. IT outsourcing is rapidly growing in popularity and can give you the flexibility to expand your Redmond company. The key to a successful outsourced IT support solution lies in finding a reliable, competent partner that understands your needs and expertise.

Types Of Outsourced IT Support Solutions For Redmond Businesses

Outsourced IT solutions are not size-fit all packages. There is an option for any Redmond business from fully outsourced enterprise solutions to co-management with an offshore team. Depending on your strategies, goals, budget, and needs, Here are some of the different ways that IT solutions can be outsourced for your Redmond business.

  • Fully Managed – Supporting an internal time comes with a cost in money and time. If that's not where you want to focus your efforts, an external company specializing in IT can your Redmond business build and manage an IT network - based upon company resources, goals, and needs.
  • Co-Managed - A flexible solution where our professional IT teams provide additional support for in-house IT teams and internal IT staff. It's an efficient and cost-effective method of building your remote team of IT specialists to fit your requirements. Additional support, such as to bolster teams or specific services, can be easily added and delivered when needed.
  • Offshore Outsourcing - Outsourced IT support that comes from working with a company in a foreign county. For example, a Redmond-based company hires an IT company based in the Philippines. Offshore outsourcing provides significant cost savings but can bring communication and management issues.
  • Nearshore Outsourcing – Outsourced IT services from a nearby country. For example, a Redmond-based company hires an IT company in Canada. Nearshore outsourcing can bring the benefits of cost savings while staying in the same time zone.
  • On Shore Outsourcing - Outsourced IT support and services from a company in the same country. For example, a Redmond-based company hiring a Redmond IT Company or even one in Boston. Using an onshore company has many benefits, including fewer cultural and language differences. Response times are also more immediate.

What IT Solutions Can You Outsource?

Trying to navigate the digital world's complexities and keeping your data private can be a challenge. With the right IT services provider, you can focus on your business growth and let the IT experts take the lead. Whether you are looking to outsource your IT department entirely or specific functions, here are some of the solutions your Redmond business can expect from an IT support company.

  • IT Infrastructure Maintenance – To continue running smoothing, keeping network systems up to date with the latest software and security programs is key. Through remote computer access, expert IT professionals can keep your Redmond business systems secure and running smoothly.
  • IT Network Security (Cybersecurity) - Ensure your Redmond business' network security against cyber attacks. Ongoing cybersecurity monitoring helps you stay ahead of those out to harm your business, whether it's from outside sources or someone internally.
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery - Using a remote system to back up your data offsite, you can access data quickly in case of a disaster. Having disaster recovery plans in place is crucial to ensuring your Redmond business operations never miss a step.
  • Technical Support - Have a dedicated, on-demand helpdesk to troubleshoot any issues with your network, computer, software programs, or more. Technical support can help keep your internal IT department from getting overloaded, and your employees access immediate solutions.
  • 24/7 Computer & Network Monitoring - Ongoing network and computer monitoring to discover issues before they happen. This monitoring includes managed IT services for disaster planning, routine maintenance, operating system updates, security, etc.

Benefits Of Outsourced IT Services For Redmond Businesses

Why should your Redmond business consider outsourcing their IT needs? While some benefits may be obvious, others you may not have considered. Here are some of the benefits Redmond businesses will enjoy when outsourcing IT solutions.

  • Consistent Expertise -The constantly shifting IT landscape requires your Redmond business to stay up-to-date with the latest software version and security patches. Maintain an updated network for your Redmond business with a trustworthy IT company and eliminate the need to manage tech support independently.
  • Cost Savings– Create budget savings eliminating the need to hire and manage an internal IT staff. Outsourcing IT support can free up time and money to invest elsewhere in the company.
  • Increased Productivity -In today's sophisticated, interconnected, networked world, any kind of disruption can be disastrous. You can almost guarantee you won't have to deal with system failures and downtime that can interrupt company progress. When you minimize technology-related frustrations, your Redmond teams can focus on their work and achieve a higher productivity level than ever before.
  • Reduced Risk -Technology inevitably changes. Laws, regulations, and compliance requirements change for the better or for worse. Smart Redmond companies avoid trying to keep up with the latest technologies. Instead, they decided on outsourced IT support to a reliable IT company that can handle these complex projects.
  • Improved Security– Cyber attacks are a real threat to Redmond businesses of all sizes. Catching those breaches is essential in securing your business data and the data of your customers. With rigorous monitoring of your network infrastructure, software, and line of business systems, we help your respond from a position of strength.
  • Controlled Costs - Identify and control your expenses. When you settle on a cost to manage your IT, you'll know exactly what to budget and exactly what service you'll receive, allowing you to be more flexible when investing in other areas of your Redmond business.

5 Reasons to Choose Seattle IT Services For Your Redmond Business

Not only do we bring innovative technology solutions and decades of experience to your Redmond business, but we also have exceptional customer service. We pride ourselves on aligning technology, and business needs to bring the best to your outsourced IT support needs.

  • We Speak Your Language. Seattle IT Services tech support providers understand that "tech talk" can be hard to understand, so we speak in your language and do not use geek speak.
  • We Guarantee Our Managed IT Services. We want you to be happy with our remote technical support services for your Redmond business. For any reason, in the first 60 days, you are not satisfied, you will get your money back.
  • Data Protection. More than ever, protecting your data from ransomware, spyware, and security threats is a top priority. We guarantee that your network data will be protected.
  • Here, when you need IT support. Your time is valuable, so being forced to wait for technical issue requests can stand in the way of you being productive. We guarantee that our Help Desk will answer the phone within 90 seconds to help with your technical issue or deduct $100 off your bill.
  • Your Satisfaction. Our customer experiences are essential to us. When your Redmond company systems are down, you're losing money. Quickly and efficiently solving your IT issues with our cutting-edge technologies means you're up and running before you know it. No downtime means more revenues.

Call Seattle IT Services today to learn more about our outsourced IT solutions. Our team of IT experts is standing by to answer questions about how outsourced IT services will benefit you and your Redmond business.