New Year, Same IT Problems? Time to Fix That

Happy New Year! Are 2017’s IT issues still plaguing you? You know, your network still runs ridiculously slow. The printer keeps dropping off the network. Servers keep going down without rhyme or reason, and you keep having to call on your IT person to come and fix them.

New Year’s Resolution: fix your recurring IT issues for good

When issues like these keep happening and keep getting “fixed,” nothing is actually improving and it’s costing you a lot more than that bottle of aspirin in your desk drawer.

When your IT people only come around to fix things, it means you pay extra for after-hours support, have lapses in employee productivity and lose money every time. Every time something goes wrong, you have to shell out money to fix it as soon as possible. This, instead of using your IT dollars to improve your technology and add more efficiency for your business.

Recurring IT issues also create a company culture where employees are always upset because their computers are slow or it takes too long to do simple tasks. These process and workflow issues cause morale problems in the company. Work is frustrating enough – you don’t need to add to the frustration (especially if you want to keep good people at your company).

There’s a better way.

Your New Year’s resolution: fix recurring IT issues.  Have a managed IT services provider like Dataworks Consulting conduct an assessment of your technology infrastructure and pinpoint what’s causing your IT problems to keep happening. When we conduct these assessments, we look for things like bottlenecks and specific underlying root issues, and then present solutions to address the root causes.

5 recurring IT issues we solved through an assessment in 2017:

1. Reduced cost of telecommunications and increased bandwidth speed, getting the client more network speed for less money

2. Enhanced read/write speeds on data storage drives, getting the client’s staff access to information faster.

3. Improved firewall to work more effectively with the client’s internet connection speed and more efficiently manage the stream of information coming to the network.

4. Upgraded aging network switches, dramatically speeding up the internal network.

5. Replaced consumer-class wireless access points with wireless mesh networks, improving client’s security, network speed and connection continuity.

The second part of fixing recurring issues is to move to a Managed Services Provider model. You pay a small amount per user per month to have an IT company prevent these issues from taking you down, resolving recurring problems once and for all – and having the added relief of knowing there is 24/7/365 monitoring to prevent recurring issues from ever dragging you down again.

Change can be scary – and bringing in a new IT provider when you’re having issues can seem like adding more fuel to the fire. In reality, it should be what ends the chaos. Some IT providers just dive in and start making changes – not us.

We believe your IT partnership should be a two-way street. If you’re having recurring IT issues that’s a sign you’re on a one-way, dead-end road. It’s time to travel on a better road.

Switching IT providers can be painful, but we’re here to help you through it. There’s a way out – all you have to do is contact us.

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