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1 in 5 small businesses will suffer a cyberbreach this year
81% of all breaches happen to SMB

97% of breaches are preventable

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As a small- or mid-sized business, you’re just as much at risk for a cyberbreach as your larger counterparts, if not more so. It’s not just viruses you have to look out for anymore. Threats have become increasingly complex, varied, and more difficult to prevent, detect and remediate.

Antivirus doesn’t cut it anymore

To protect your network, you need multiple layers of security. A single software solution doesn’t do enough to prevent, detect and remediate the potential threats advancing on your business. From ensuring weekly software patches are completed to endpoint protection that can inspect websites to phishing scam detection, the best network security is one that is an integral part of your IT. That’s why we include this level of robust security as part of our OneCare Managed IT Service.


Advanced network security is scalable – which makes it more affordable than it’s ever been to get the level of protection your company needs and deserves. Yes, you must be invested in your security to maintain your business, but that shouldn’t mean you should pay premium prices for proven solutions.


We believe if we’re not managing your network security, then we’re not managing your network.
To protect our clients, we include a robust, proven security package as part of our OneCare Managed IT Services. It includes the following:

Security Assessment – Get an in depth review of your entire network to see how well you’re covered and protected.

Security awareness training for your team – Security threats will often land in the hands of  your employees. We give them the training they need to take the right steps and keep threats at bay.

Policy creation & enforcement – We offer recommended best practices to inform your security and password policies, and we work with you to enforce them.

Routine patching & critical maintenance – Security isn’t ever a “set it and forget it” situation. Running maintenance and software patches on a regular, consistent basis is critical to keeping known threats off your doorstep.

Advanced, multilayered protection – From the outer rim of your network to each individual endpoint, we use a combination of best practices and robust solutions to reduce your exposure to threats.

Email assurance – Phishing emails and ransomware emails are a dime a dozen – which means that every email inbox on your network is a moving target. Our email assurance reduces spam and exposure to these threats, so you can worry less about what your employees click on.

Backups – Nothing is fail-safe until your data is backed up, and you can get it back. We make sure you can. Read more about our backups and data recovery.

With Dataworks’ proven network security measures, your chances of being the next victim of a cyberattack are dramatically lower. Since it’s part of our OneCare Managed IT services, you can rest easy knowing that any remediation needed is on us.

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We’re a SOC 2 Accredited Service Provider!

Dataworks undergoes regular audits by an independent third-party to validate our policies and procedures and our strict adherence to recommended and required security controls. You can rest assured we take rigorous steps to protect the interests of our business and the privacy of our clients.