Network Assessments in Seattle & Bellevue 

Gain critical insight into your network

In order to create customized IT solutions for your Seattle-Bellevue area business, we begin by conducting a comprehensive network infrastructure assessment to evaluate the status of your existing network. Unlike other managed services providers, Dataworks doesn’t simply look at servers, switches and firewalls—we take the time to assess every component and device within your network including critical endpoints such as desktop devices and firewalls. As a result, we can identify any potential gaps in your server security and data integrity, while also auditing the end-user experience that will affect the day-to-day operations of your employees, vendors, and customers.

Network Assessment

What your Network Assessment from Dataworks entails:

  • In-depth network audit
  • Assessment includes all components and end-points (servers, switches, PCs, firewalls)
  • Identification of gaps in security and data integrity
  • Audit of user experience
  • Security Assessment –Identification of risks and vulnerabilities
  • Regulation and government compliance review when needed
  • Identify potential gaps in server security and data integrity
  • Specific recommendations tailored to your business

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions for our clients. This initial assessment is our first opportunity to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s network. Because many of our clients worked with break-fix IT companies before finding Dataworks, their networks typically consisted of patchwork solutions that failed to protect valuable data and infrastructure. From the findings of the network assessment, our dedicated team of experts develops recommendations for your Seattle-Bellevue business that complement both your budget and business goals.

Our comprehensive network assessments for Seattle and Bellevue businesses are conducted in accordance with the industry best practices. Your network assessment creates a foundation for an informed IT strategy and allows us to support you throughout the course of our partnership.

Dataworks is located in Newcastle however they serve Seattle, Bellevue and surrounding communities.

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