Meet our Leadership Team

caroline smith


The visionary behind Dataworks Consulting, Caroline Smith has a combined background in both business and technology and has been the owner of Dataworks since its inception in 2002. Following a reorganization in 2013, she stepped into the CEO role with bold ideas and strategic insights that have been central to Dataworks’ success. By fostering a team that reveres diversity and inclusion, she’s created a customer-first environment where all ideas are welcome, reshaping Dataworks to adeptly evolve with the needs of Seattle small and mid-sized businesses.

A Microsoft Certified Professional, Caroline holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Science. In addition to being a roll-up-the-sleeves, hands-on CEO at Dataworks, Caroline is a community leader and speaker, hosting events on business and technology topics that are critical to protecting and fostering growth in small and mid-sized businesses.

When she’s not forging big ideas in the fires of Dataworks, Caroline is heavily involved with her local chapter of the Girl Scouts, and spending shuttling her two daughters to competitive swimming or taking in the great outdoors of the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her daughters and her faithful Goldendoodle, Arlo.



An all-star AKC Puppy STAR certified Goldendoodle, Arlo’s primary mission is to make sure that the Dataworks team proves him with ample belly rubs. Second to that, he’s the company crisis counselor, listening intently and offering emotional support when problems arise.

When he’s not running out the back door of the office or barking up a storm at nothing much, Arlo can be found nudging for pets and begging for chocolate cake in the kitchen. When he’s not at work, you can find him taking his owner Caroline for long walks.