Meet the Team

caroline smith


The visionary behind Dataworks Consulting, Caroline Smith has a combined background in both business and technology and has been the owner of Dataworks since its inception in 2002. Following a reorganization in 2013, she stepped into the CEO role with bold ideas and strategic insights that have been central to Dataworks’ success. By fostering a team that reveres diversity and inclusion, she’s created a customer-first environment where all ideas are welcome, reshaping Dataworks to adeptly evolve with the needs of Seattle small and mid-sized businesses.

A Microsoft Certified Professional, Caroline holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Science. In addition to being a roll-up-the-sleeves, hands-on CEO at Dataworks, Caroline is a community leader and speaker, hosting events on business and technology topics that are critical to protecting and fostering growth in small and mid-sized businesses.

When she’s not forging big ideas in the fires of Dataworks, Caroline is heavily involved with her local chapter of the Girl Scouts, and spending shuttling her two daughters to competitive swimming or taking in the great outdoors of the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her daughters and her faithful Goldendoodle, Arlo.



An all-star AKC Puppy STAR certified Goldendoodle, Arlo’s primary mission is to make sure that the Dataworks team proves him with ample belly rubs. Second to that, he’s the company crisis counselor, listening intently and offering emotional support when problems arise.

When he’s not running out the back door of the office or barking up a storm at nothing much, Arlo can be found nudging for pets and begging for chocolate cake in the kitchen. When he’s not at work, you can find him taking his owner Caroline for long walks.



Amy-Liz’s invaluable skills are laser-focused on our client engagement and daily project management. Her 28 years’ experience working with customers and managing teams has made her an expert in processing new client requests and creating appointments. She’s a master at dispatching projects to the right technical consultant to ensure our customers are receiving care specific to their needs. Amy-Liz’s dedication to our customers goes well beyond being a proactive advocate as she follows through and takes the time to monitor every project to a successful resolution until each client is checked off as a satisfied and happy customer.

With a curiosity and love of learning, Amy-Liz spends her free time exploring, blogging and vlogging on topics like technology, history, human biology, nature, fashion and beauty. She prefers to interact with people in-person. After traveling the world, Amy-Liz is a self-proclaimed homebody, who enjoys spending time with her dogs, watching old movies and crafting in her cozy little corner of the world.

Jennifer Hill


Jennifer holds down command central as she pivots between managing both the inside and outside sales pipelines. With 17 years in the IT industry, she loves the small business world and is passionate about cultivating relationships for Dataworks. Our clients can count on superior care as Jennifer expertly guides them to meet their goals with technology roadmaps, capital expense reports, regular business reviews and top-level customer service.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree and certifications in CompTIA Project+ and CompTIA Cloud+, Jennifer is our go-to leader for system replacement planning, licensing renewals, purchase history and project planning. Additionally, she’s our notable press secretary and often serves as CEO Caroline Smith’s right-hand, managing procurement, equipment and receiving.

Jennifer enjoys connecting with the incredible people in her life and spends her free time absorbed in creative activities that include making music, sewing, cooking and woodworking. A dedicated member of her local church congregation, she is actively involved in leading their youth to serve the community. Nine years ago, Jennifer attended school in Israel, where she met her husband and two stepchildren. Jennifer and her husband can usually be found having a blast together that often bursts into raucous laughter. Avid travelers, they have a love of foreign lands and the Middle East and eagerly look forward to their next trip.



Jo’s tasks are vital to the smooth operations of our business and team. Her duties are split among administration, organizational operations, and event and travel management. Her days are busy reviewing timesheets for payroll processing, preparing client invoices for accounts receivable, and ensuring the team has everything necessary to do their jobs.

Our unofficial morale master, Jo holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Massachusetts and certifications in Membership Marketing from the American Society of Association Executives and First Things First from the Covey Leadership Center. She also has two years of study at the Institute for Organization Management. As coordinator of internal and external events, Jo puts the extra touches in place to boost both team and client satisfaction.

An explorer by nature, Jo loves to travel to new places for extraordinary experiences. When she’s not working, you’ll find Jo playing tennis, hiking through wilderness trails or working out at the gym. Jo and her husband of 23 years have three sons ages 22, 19 and 17.

Kim Heinrich


Kim’s  attention to the internal needs of Dataworks makes her a vital asset to the team. Her days are filled with jobs like procurement for clients and ironing out issues with purchasing, vendors, customers and shipping carriers. If you’re looking for her, she’s most likely tracking assets, performing inventory management or working on purchasing procedures like quotes and purchase orders. Her commitment to helping others shines in her daily interactions with our vendors, staff and customers. Kim, who has two associates degrees, is also the social media voice of Dataworks.

Kim’s love of nature combined with her passion for gardening led her to settle along the Cedar River where she enjoys the ebb and flow of river life, native plants and wild animals. Her son has a B.S. in Aviation Management and is a Commissioned Air Force Officer who’s attending flight school in 2019 to fulfill his requirements for his newly appointed position as a pilot. Her recent title of “Grandmother” has left her faithfully doting on her new baby granddaughter whom she hopelessly loves.

Lucas Bauer


Lucas is our master network designer, crafting advance designs and plans for our clients.  With expertise in toolset automation and security planning, he ensures that Dataworks follows the most up-to-date security compliance standards. Lucas works with the team and our clients to provide efficient network control and management and oversees our remote and automation processes. His focus is on simplifying our remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools that help us keep tabs on all our clients’ networks so we can detect and address issues immediately. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology from Colorado State University and is a Cisco Certified Network Associate, CCNA, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, MCSA: Office 365 and Certified Mac Associate.

Lucas is the force behind large-scale customer requests and our go-to resource for migrating email, server upgrades and network security overhauls. He devotes time to automating day-to-day operations, so our team is free to focus on more pressing situations and their solutions. His sincere appreciation of information technology has led him to mentor junior engineers.

Lucas loves the outdoors where he enjoys biking, skiing and running. He once dodged a two-foot snowstorm in the Rockies after he had peddled 3,000 miles from Orlando, Fla., to the Kansas-Colorado border. He married his Southern belle bride, Mary Brennan, over four years ago. They live in Bozeman, Mont., with their wise-cracking, wild-haired 1½-year-old daughter, Harriet Ann.

Mike Long


Mike’s motto is “Everything we can assist with, we will.” Mike makes personal connections with customers who especially appreciate his ability to explain technology in plain English.

Mike’s degree in Network Engineering and certifications in Network Engineering, Cisco, A+ and Computer Support for Technicians make him the best on the team to lead customer device setup, maintenance, troubleshooting, repair and device training. Like a chess player studying the board, he makes a point to know all about each clients’ specialized hardware and software, so we can ensure that they have what they need to support their own customers. When he’s not on-site helping our customers, Mike is working with clients remotely to provide service as quickly as possible.

Mike spends his free time cooking, playing electronic and board games, or riding his quad ATV. He’s also a Seattle Sounders season ticket holder and an avid Sci-Fi fan.

Scott Hanson


Scott’s main job is to keep customers’ day-to-day functions performing at optimal levels. From installation to maintenance and backup systems, Scott ensures customer networks are always working. Email, printers and workstations also are supported and maintained for clients.

Scott is a Certified Electronics Technician and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). Scott is heavily involved with the installation, configuration, and maintenance of our clients’ servers and systems. Even with all those time-consuming tasks, he’s always willing and able to step away to assist clients with a password reset when needed.

Scott and his wife have been married for 24 years and have two cats they adore beyond measure and treat like people. When he’s not at work, you may find him camping, taking in nature or tinkering with his motorcycles and radio-controlled cars and planes.