Make Your Construction Company Mobile – Like This Seattle Company

As the owner of a construction company, you must have your finger on the pulse of your projects. Not having an accurate picture of where you are in a project cycle and how the project is doing can be disastrous. When your projects don’t run smoothly, vendors don’t get paid and will stop working, critical deadlines are not met and sometimes jobsites grind to a halt. Without the visibility offered by mobile and web-based solutions, project managers have to wait for the other shoe to drop.  Costs get out of hand, turnover increases and invoicing is a constant challenge.

Construction companies increase their mobility

For one Eastside civil construction company, public works projects were not being executed as effectively or efficiently as they could be. Their off-site administration limped along with inconsistent connectivity and fragmented communication between project managers, field employees and the head office. As a result, their bottom line took a beating.

This client is not alone. These issues are the same for many construction companies we speak with. Half the company is in the main office and the other half is out on numerous job sites. Everyone needs to access files and share updates. To further complicate matters, time sheets, billing, emails and project documents are all housed on different platforms or accomplished manually. The next thing you know, you have duplicated efforts, miscommunication, and a lack of insight into projects. Management couldn’t make decisions easily, as they lacked real-time data. Employee time sheets weren’t always received on time and project managers wasted valuable billable hours sending and finding project information. The inefficiencies ultimately created increased costs, delayed their ability to bill for projects, caused frustration and left gaps.

As this company increased their project load and the mobility of their staff, their technology lagged. They needed a solution that could keep up with the pace of their business.

Mobile device management boosts construction project management

Using tablets with critical apps allows the company to estimate, design, manage and bill for projects in near real-time, whether they are in the main office or on the job site 45 minutes away.

With their new mobility tools, projects sites became an extension of the office. Executives could communicate effectively with site managers and in return, got real-time information that provided an accurate picture of job progress and milestones. Their project execution sped up and daily issues decreased. Project information was accessible from anywhere, employees could update time sheets from mobile devices, and project managers could accomplish everything as if they were at the corporate office.

Dataworks also worked with the company to develop acceptable use policies on company devices, restricting the use of personal apps, keeping track of devices and instructing staff on how to protect the devices from theft. Since construction sites are notorious for being hard on their devices (an employee leaving an iPad on the hood of a truck and driving off is not a far-fetched story) Dataworks outfitted the devices with sturdy protective cases as well.

We’ve worked with several clients in the trades and we understand the business. Dataworks has the expertise to develop a complete mobile management strategy that addresses your unique challenges, needs and goals. Your company is already mobile and there are a lot of risks and inefficiencies inherent in your mobility. The best strategy includes the technology needed to be more efficient and reduce costs, as well as the procedures that control how employees handle devices and data.

Is your company already mobile? Make it work better for you with our help. Contact us online or call us at (425) 687-6185.

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