Every Effective Mobile Strategy Includes 6 Key Things

Employees using mobile devices at work is the new workplace reality, no matter what industry you’re in. This dependency on mobile devices means your company will experience the unique challenges and opportunities that “going mobile” brings. In the construction industry, you are already managing multiple job sites, remote employees and an ever-increasing amount of data. Adding mobile devices to the mix requires a new strategy to bring it all together, allowing you to seamlessly grow.

Whether your company’s data is on employee mobile devices already, or your company is moving in that direction, employees need quick access to emails, documents and applications.

If done right, going mobile lets you communicate with all your job sites, increase productivity and keep company information from getting into the hands of malicious hackers or after an employee separates from the company. If Mobile Data Management (MDM) isn’t on your radar, it should be. MDM is a major component in today’s tech-driven business ecosystem. It includes inventory control of devices, greater access to data on-the-go and better communication out in the field.

Employee turnover is often high in the construction industries. Not only that, but theft is a common occurrence on job sites. Job trailers and vehicles get broken into and devices left unattended walk off.

If you have mobile devices in use, it’s important to build a stronger mobile strategy to manage multiple job sites, communicate in the field and increase security.

Consider These 6 Key Things to Include in Your Mobile Management Strategy

1. Maintain control of company data. Company data on mobile devices (both personal and office issued) such as tablets, laptops and smart phones needs to be protected. You can control data on employee devices by limiting and increasing access options, and you can remotely wipe specific data in the event of device theft or employee turnover. This creates stronger barriers to malicious access.

2. Have consistent security measures in-office and on job sites. Your company should have the same security measures and requirements whether an employee is in the office or at different job sites. Password and device use policies are critical.

3. Keep track of devices with remote location tracking capabilities. Theft and employees leaving the company will have less impact if you can remotely track down equipment and immediately wipe data from phones, tablets and laptops when it walks away.

4. Communicate seamlessly with the field. Mobile can be a great tool to enhance communication across multiple job sites. Project managers and superintendents can use email communications with the main office, access documents and track project details without stepping foot into a trailer or having to spend twice the amount of time keying information into a computer at the end of the day.

5. Increase productivity even when you aren’t there to supervise. Your mobile devices should be setup to not include non-work-related apps on company phones and offer easier access to company emails, apps and data. Employees can track their hours, communicate faster and get more work done faster with critical data at their fingertips. Work gets done more efficiently with access to Office 365, email and business applications like time tracking and project management apps on their devices.

6. Protect the outside too. While mobile device management often focuses on the management of what’s on the device and how the device is used, it’s important to get a durable, sturdy protective case that can take as much of a beating as your crew is likely to dish out.

Mobile management can give your company the flexibility of employee mobility while keeping key company data secure. As your company grows, so does your need for mobility. You increase the number of remote offices and job sites, you have more employees working in the field and you have a lot more devices to keep track of and protect.

Whether you are aware of it or not, mobile device management is already an important part of your business – impacting your bottom line from the field with mobile devices becoming the standard in communication and data access points. Relying on mobile devices can feel like a challenge or they can be used to a company’s advantage with the right strategy. Make them your advantage.

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