Can Technology Increase Productivity?

Technology is now one of the key drivers – or detriments – of productivity. The reason is simple. Productivity is time. Time is money. Employees goofing off on Facebook, playing online poker or watching Netflix are wasting valuable company dollars.

But that’s far from being the most common scenario where technology is causing a loss of productivity.

Think about this: technology is needed for most jobs. Recurring issues with technology hurt productivity and profits on an incremental basis. Manufacturers can’t run their floor because a computer is down. Medical offices can’t schedule patients for appointments or run an ultrasound machine. Retailers can’t check inventory or process payments. Over and over again, this causes large-scale pains businesses often don’t recognize.

These scenarios might sound all-too-familiar but consider the cumulative impact they have on your employees.

It frustrates them. It drives away top talent. It leaves them doing things that are outside the scope of their expertise. Consider the bookkeeper who must troubleshoot the office printer all the time, or the office admin who has a computer lock up every time he tries to book appointments.

When technology is throwing a wrench in your daily operations, it’s negatively impacting your company culture as much as your bottom line.  You are communicating to your staff that you are not invested in them being successful. Or, that you simply don’t care. It adds stress and frustration to their day unnecessarily and that slows them down and burns out their sense of motivation and desire to do well.

On the other side of the spectrum, you have technology that can increase productivity for your staff, such as:

There are several ways technology could help you instead of hurting you. The first and most important step is to stop ignoring your technology until it breaks down.

What we recommend to increase productivity

1. Stabilize your network. Get a managed IT services company to come and fix obvious issues so your employees can do their jobs.

2. Have a third-party ground-up assessment. This needs to be conducted by someone other than your current IT person, so you can spot all the issues they aren’t addressing across your network. Often little tweaks like adding more RAM or re-configuring your server can make a world of difference in the performance of your systems.

3. Take better care of your IT. A fixed-fee managed IT service like our OneCare offers the ultimate in affordable peak performance for your network. With OneCare, we do everything from optimizing your network and maintaining your systems to working with your vendors and you to spot opportunities to maximize your efficiency. From running diagnostic tools to managing your service contracts, we manage your IT services, so your employees have the tools they need to work at their peak performance.

Technology should help your productivity, not slow your workers down. Get your employees working at peak efficiency by tuning up your network and using a service that keeps it working at optimal efficiency around the clock.

Contact Dataworks Consulting for a comprehensive network assessment and see exactly where your technology is hurting productivity.

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