Backup and Data Recovery in Seattle

BDR Solutions for comprehensive protection

Whether caused by human error, operational failure or natural disasters, an interruption to your business network poses a costly risk to your company and your clients. Dataworks offers first-class backup and disaster recovery in the Seattle and Bellevue area to protect your business against the unexpected and eliminate any potential downtime caused by a system failure, security breach, or catastrophe.

Businesses rely on the security and accessibility of their data for their day-to-day operations. Any serious interruption of service or loss of data can do irreparable damage to your businesses reputation, your customer’s trust, and your bottom line.

Recovering data and backing up files

Dataworks Recovery packages include:

  • Cloud-based server backup
  • Local snapshot of day-to-day business information
  • Quick data recovery
  • Reliable, tested data protection
  • Disaster recovery
  • Server uploads to the cloud every hour
  • Remote monitoring
  • 24/7/365 support

It takes a dedicated team of experts with the right tools to safeguard your business against data loss. Dataworks has developed a comprehensive approach to data recovery in Seattle, Bellevue and the surrounding area, so when the unexpected occurs, your company doesn’t miss a beat!

Our two-pronged approach combines a local snapshot of your network with a cloud-based server backup. The local snapshot contains your day-to-day business information and is stored locally. If you accidentally lose or delete a file, it can be recovered quickly. The cloud backup goes beyond merely storing data. It uploads a complete version of your entire server to the cloud every hour. This ensures minimal data loss even if your local server experiences a serious failure or interruption. If a failure occurs, all you need is a computer and an internet connection, and the Dataworks team can restore your backup and have you working again soon.

Gain peace of mind and cutting-edge protection for your Seattle-Bellevue business with the data recovery process from Dataworks.

Dataworks is located in Newcastle but covers Seattle, Bellevue and the surrounding areas.

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We’re a SOC 2 Accredited Service Provider!

Dataworks undergoes regular audits by an independent third-party to validate our policies and procedures and our strict adherence to recommended and required security controls. You can rest assured we take rigorous steps to protect the interests of our business and the privacy of our clients.