5G: What’s So Great, And What Are We Worried About?


5G is the latest generation of mobile broadband technology that will ultimately replace your 4G LTE technology. The greatest thing about 5G is that you will enjoy faster upload and download speeds. However, some folks have concerns about this new technology. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is So Great about 5G?

In addition to the faster speeds that it provides, one of the key advantages of 5G (and what makes this technology a wonder) is what tech experts call as low latency. To put it in simple terms, latency is the time of response between when you begin streaming a video on your smartphone or when you click on a particular link that conveys the request to the network, and when the network takes action playing your video or delivering the site you asked for.

With current networks, this lag time can usually last for about 20milliseconds. This might not seem to be much of a delay, but when you are using 5G, this latency comes down to as low as one millisecond! This blazing quick responsiveness is crucial for things such as playing a virtual reality video game or for a heart surgeon in Dallas maneuvering a pair of robotic arms and performing surgery in New York!

Apart from greater download speeds and reduced lag time, 5G technology also provides better connectivity. Compared to 4G/LTE, cell towers that are equipped with 5G connection will have largely increased capacity. What this means is that more individuals and devices will be able to communicate with each other all at the same time!

What Are People Worried About?

Despite the fact that 5G has several key benefits, some people have grave concerns regarding this broadband technology.

Some people believe that radiation from 5G technology is as worse as that of the microwaves used in homes. However, that is not true. Although there is some radiation that originates from 5G cell towers, it is not as dangerous as the radiation that emanates from the microwave oven in your home (5G radiation is of 40 Watts whereas your home microwave generates radiation of at least 600 Watts).

That being said, this does not mean that there are absolutely no health concerns related to 5G.  A few doctors have linked the exposure to 5G microwave radiation to medical issues such as fatigue and insomnia, breathing difficulties, memory impairment erratic mood swings, and dizziness.

Moreover, satellites present an environmental concern as well. It is expected that a new kind of hydrocarbon engine will power these suborbital satellites. This would release black carbon and other similar perilous substances into the atmosphere that could cause unfavorable changes in global atmospheric circulation.

Final Word

To summarize, although some people are worried about the adverse consequences this technology can bring, there is no denying that 5G will completely revolutionize the cellular technological landscape.

Just imagine when this technology reaches its peak potential; you will be able to download a movie in a few seconds. Yes, you read that right – in seconds!

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