5 of the Latest Security Threats to Small Businesses

The landscape of network security is rapidly changing. More and more, security threats are targeting small businesses. Hackers and criminals see smaller businesses as easy targets, as they are often less secure. The loss of data or prolonged downtime also has a much larger impact on small businesses, making security the No. 1 concern for many companies.

Here are 5 rising threats that your company needs to guard against:

Ransomware: The threat of ransomware isn’t new. It’s been around for a few years now. However, this may shock you: 65% of ransomware is now being delivered through encrypted websites that appear secure. The only way to safeguard against this is by increasing specific security measures on your firewall that will thoroughly inspect each piece of data coming through.

Internet of Things (IoT): The sheer number of different devices that can connect to the internet ‐from wireless access points to tablets, phones and even thermostats and door locks ‐ is astounding. A lot of small businesses use these without properly securing them. This creates backdoors onto your network, exposing you to a potential attack.

Firewalls: The latest firewalls are great security tools but only if they’re properly configured and maintained to not allow everyone on the network. Otherwise, they provide easy access points that can be exploited quite easily.

Phishing: This threat has been around for many years, but the level of sophistication has increased dramatically. Phishing emails look more realistic today than ever, making it easier to trick unsuspecting employees into giving up secure information. Email filters and employee education are both essential to combat this threat.

Mobile devices on the network (BYOD): Employees bringing their own mobile devices, customers accessing networks with their devices, and even portable company assets all pose different threats to your network that you need to guard against. This can easily be done with safeguards such as guest networks and mobile device management.

Many companies might think that they’re secure because they have the latest antivirus software, but this only guards against malware. Software suites for small business security are often ineffective too. While one or two applications in the suite tend to work exceptionally well, the suite often leaves gaps in coverage.

To be truly protected, you need to understand the threats targeting small businesses and use a multilayered approach to protect your company from these threats.

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