4 Ways We Protect Our Clients From Hacker Threats

Threats are everywhere, and they’re not just targeting big business. Phishing emails of increased sophistication target smaller businesses because they’re often more unsuspecting. Hackers are getting through firewalls that aren’t configured properly.

In fact, some threats aren’t even targeting anyone specific. Open Wi-Fi connections are breeding grounds for security threats. Employees who use their mobile devices may be unknowingly infecting your network as they log in.

And to fight these threats, your IT provider needs to be responsive to your needs. If you feel like just a number to your IT provider now, what’s going to happen when you really need their assistance?

Here are just 4 of the ways that we protect our clients from threats:

1. Multilevel security. It takes more than antivirus software to protect your business. Security software suites often don’t cover multiple layers well, despite their claims. The best protection is gained by working with a provider who knows the best tools for your specific environment and budget and will use a multi-layered approach to implement those tools and manage them for you.

2. Affordable remote access solutions. Many companies think remote access tools are out of their reach, so they rely on unsecured methods which creates unnecessary vulnerabilities on your networks. However, secure remote access is easy, offering you both the productivity and accessibility your employees need, while keeping your data and networks secure from threats.

3. Proactive approach to IT. The best defense is a good offense. Our OneCare managed services plan offers companies the ability to proactively protect their networks. By keeping software and equipment up to date, using the latest threat detection and aversion tools and monitoring your networks for any signs of trouble, we’re able to thwart problems before they have a chance. 

4. Responding to clients promptly. You call because you want your problems to go away. We believe in responding to each problem and assigning priorities to ensure that all issues are given the attention they deserve and the urgency each situation warrants. Each ticket that comes in is reviewed and escalated within 12 minutes, regardless of how the ticket is generated.

At Dataworks, we understand what threatens your business. Combating those threats requires a comprehensive approach to IT from a provider who will respond quickly every time you call. Don’t wait for trouble to strike your networks. Make sure your company is protected today.

Find out if you’re at risk. Contact us at  (425) 687-6185  or online for an assessment.


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