3 Hidden Costs IT Managed Services Providers Uncover

As a business owner, you know recurring IT issues affect your bottom line. You may also know the benefits of switching to a managed IT services provider but are hesitant because of the cost and the lack of room for it in your budget.

Maybe you worry that time spent switching providers won’t be worth the investment. Or perhaps you already have an “IT guy” who you call when something goes wrong, and beyond that you don’t give it much thought.

While operational efficiency and increased security are always priorities, return on investment (ROI) now ranks as a top concern for small businesses. Even the latest trend analysis shows that organizations proactively seek higher ROI from managed services than what they can achieve with “do-it-yourself” IT.

Here are 3 reasons IT Managed Services Providers can eliminate hidden costs:

One IT expert can’t be good at everything – a team can

With technology evolving daily, you can’t count on one person for all your IT needs. Freeing up internal staff time to devote to higher value projects increases overall productivity and ultimately leads to a higher ROI. A full-service partner like Dataworks gives you access to a deep pool of experts well versed in the latest technology. Whether you need an expert who knows Microsoft or can get you into the cloud or who can explain the latest solutions that are benefiting your industry, it’s virtually impossible to hire someone who is adept in all the areas of expertise you need. Something will be left behind, and your business will pay for that absence.

Downtime increases employee frustration – IT managed services providers reduce downtime

Old equipment and recurring issues can take a toll on employees. You’re doing a major disservice to your staff when you fail to empower them with the tools they need to be successful. Why not spend those dollars on proactive solutions that eliminate ambiguity and provide a clear path forward? With a solution like OneCare from Dataworks, IT costs are more predictable, and our priority planning helps you budget for things like faster internet, extra monitors, automation and training that will maximize efficiency during the workday. Not having this level of planning is a hefty opportunity cost.

You could be teetering on the brink of disaster – and not know. How much will that cost?

Managed IT services is like health insurance for your business. Initially, you may have a hard time swallowing a new cost you can’t immediately realize. One surprise trip to the emergency room, though, leaves you singing a different tune. Opting for a break/fix solution because it’s cheaper on paper is like opting out of health insurance. One data breach, server fail or major virus could leave you with a bill that far surpasses your yearly tech budget. Your IT systems and data are vital assets, and you need to invest in their care or you will be facing bigger bills down the road.

It’s hard to quantify the total cost of lost time, slowed productivity and employee frustration. However, the cumulative effect adds up in the long run. Updating your technology and eliminating recurring IT issues is just the change you may need.

Who doesn’t want more return on investment for their IT budget? Contact Dataworks Consulting  at (425) 687-6185 to see how we can get you there.

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