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vCIO Services

Create a strategic technology plan with expert insight 

For many small and medium businesses, employing a full-time CIO isn’t feasible. Yet, companies still need a comprehensive, strategic plan for the future of their business. Dataworks offers our clients virtual CIO (vCIO) services to strengthen the advantages provided by technology while prioritizing your bottom line. With our vCIO services for Seattle and Bellevue businesses, Dataworks goes beyond the day-to-day technical support to explore industry trends, anticipate future needs, and evaluate the role of technology in your overall business plan. Think of your virtual CIO as an extension of your staff!

Our strategic insights and forecasting tools give companies the ability to better forecast technology costs and avoid being blindsided by the unexpected. Acting as your vCIO, Dataworks will identify and track the expiration and life-cycle of every device, application, and maintenance agreement utilized within your company. Our high-level expertise will help you anticipate and plan for the costs of replacing your technology well in advance. We collaborate directly with office managers, executives, and other personnel to create a plan that helps you strategically plan for technology that maximizes your impact and helps you achieve your goals.

With a diversity of specializations and a focus on continuing education, Dataworks stays on the cutting-edge of technology trends in your industry so you don’t have to. The success of our vCIO services is founded on mutual trust and communication between the Dataworks team and each of our clients. When we make a recommendation, you can rest assured that we have taken careful consideration of your overall expenditures, data security, and long-term business goals.

When you need a reliable partner to oversee your technology strategy and management, trust Dataworks to help your Seattle-Bellevue business grow, adapt and succeed.

Dataworks offers vCIO services to not only its home location of Newcastle, WA but also Seattle, Bellevue, and surrounding communities.

To learn how our Seattle vCIO services can give your company a competitive edge, contact Dataworks today.